Thursday, November 06, 2008

A friend catches a 12 lb bass on Choke Canyon lake.

For the Texas Classic Bass Club October tournament, the club voted to repeat last years success and fish on Choke Canyon. Once again the club showed how awesome a lake Choke Canyon is to fish on. All teams caught fish and most produced a bass over 5 lbs in the two days of fishing, but one special fish stood out above all. It was caught by a friend of mine from the club, Bill Ellis.  

The story behind the fish:

Bill and Mike caught two 8+ lb fish the day before fishing a tank dam on the upper end of the lake on the first day of the tournament and returned first thing in the morning on day two of the tournament.  Around 6:15 AM in the dark, Bill cast out a watermelon/red jig and set the hook on a bass of a life time.  She made several runs and came to the surface for a good head shake trying two throw the jig, but it was locked into the corner of the mouth perfectly.  All Bill and Mike could do was wait for the fish to give up and put her in the livewell, which seems like forever under the conditions.  To their credit, they took extra care over the day to keep the fish comfortable as possible and it was in perfect health swimming away after her photo shoot at the scales.  Congratulations Bill on your new personal best and congratulations to Mike and Bill for the win with a two day total, 9 fish that weighed over 40 lbs.

By the way, Mike is backup guide for Big Texas Fish.  If you want to fish with Mike, give me a call and I can set you up with a trip.  Choke Canyon lake is 3 hours south of Austin by the way, so there will be extra expenses for booking a trip down there.