Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Texas Classic Bass Club 2005 Angler Of The Year

Texas Classic Bass Club

Thanks to all for the show of support for winning AOY. I'd like to take this opportunity to publicly say a special thanks to my wife, Kelly, for supporting my fishing addiction. I really appreciate Kelly's support and I don't show it enough throughout the season, but when a chance like accepting recognition comes along then I can't take all the credit for my fishing success, part of it is owed to Kelly. I also want to thank the non-boaters who put up with fishing 8 to 10 hours with me this season. They helped me put fish in the boat; I couldn't have done without you guys as well. I believe I learned something from each of you when we fished and I hope you learned a little something from me as well since that's what the Texas Classic Bass Club is all about. I look forward to competing with you guys again next season.

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