Friday, June 16, 2006

Joining American Rodsmiths ProStaff.

I am joining the American Rodsmiths ProStaff this season. They produce Hg42 series rods made with intermediate 42 million modulus blanks in gray with Fuji hardloy concept guides and tips. If you are looking for that extra sensitivity then this is the rod for you. That's not the only rod they build, just the one I recomend for an active fisherman or tournament fisherman. For more information about American Rodsmiths products, click

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Texas Classic Bass Club June Tournament on Lake Austin.

This is a late post, because I moved and my system was down for a few weeks. Details are a little fuzzy at this point.

I fished the Texas Classic Bass Club May tournament on Lake Austin with John Hackney, 10:00 PM Friday night to 9:00 AM on Saturday June 9th. We got fourth place, and gained on the clubs points leader. The full moon with clear skies the night made for some tough fishing conditions oddly enough. The wind was calm and still most of the night. Austin will normally produce some nice stringers of bass this time of the year, but not the night of this tournament.

The Tournament:

At 10:00 PM I met John at the 360 bridge. We loaded his gear in the boat and then discovered an small electrical issue. Only half the stuff in the boat worked, but John found a little secondary breaker in the back of the boat that had been flipped off. We launched after the little panic episode and running a little late, but not to much behind I took us to the first of many grass beds to fish that night. I made two passes over an area known for producing big fish and neither of us even had a nibble. Hit several more grass beds before ending up at Commons Ford park and fished the grass there. Finally started hooking some fish on buzz baits and poppers. I boated our only keeper with the buzz bait out there. We caught a few more short fish and then daylight came on. We moved down the lake and made a milk run on some drains that normally produce a few fish. I got two bass to take a top water popper, but didn't get a solid hook set. John managed to catch one near keeper on an Xrap minnow from the drains. I hit a few brush piles and only managed one more non-keeper with a brush hog from 15 feet of water. That was pretty much it for the touranment.

Tournament in Review:

The sky was clear with a full moon all night. We probably caught 10 bass all night with only one keeper weighing 1.97 lbs good enough to get 4th place. It was a pretty tough tournament. The first place team blew everyone away with a 17 lb limit; congrats to Bryan on finding those fish. They caught their fish on brush hogs heavily scented in the grass beds. Tournament results are posted at