Monday, September 12, 2005

Lunch breaks can produce excellect fishing!

With the weather cooling down now, the conditions for taking a little fishing trip on your lunch break are prime. Heck they're prime for any kind of fishing trip! Jeff Greenfield and I took a little break from work at lunch today and hit a pond in my neighbor hood. I think we fished for about 30 minutes and Jeff caught 6 fish on a Mann's Little George that I suggested he give a try. The largest being a fat, 2 lb fish by my guest-a-mation with no scale handy to weigh it. I forgot the importance of fishing with a high speed reel, because Jeff tried the same lure using one of his reels on Saturday and didn't get any bites in a few hours of fishing with the same lure at the pond. He had to switch to another lure I'd suggested to catch fish, the Johnson Beetle Spin. Jeff used my Torno reel and said he could feel the difference in the cast and retrieve, not to mention the fact that he caught fish this time vs using his rod and reel combo. I drug a C-rig through the muck on the bottom of the pond and missed a few fish and finally tagged a little swimmer on a white fluke after missing several bites. Not a bad trip for fishing on your lunch break.