Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Texas Classic Bass Club February Tournament

I fished the Texas Classic Bass Club February Tournament over the weekend Saturday on Stillhouse Hollow. There was near perfect fishing weather if it wasn't for the 20+ mph winds blowing down the lake and a cold front blew in the day before dropping the air temp into the 30's over night! Water temps in the lower 50s and water clarity was about 1 foot or less. The lake is at normal pool, but clearly still recovering from last years flooding. I fished with a new guy checking out the club Greg Moon.

The Tournament:

Greg and I met at 6:00 AM at Union Grove park . We launched and we ran out to my first spot on the main lake out by the island. We started fishing on the road leading across the back of the island where I'd caught some bass on Monday that were all over 2 lbs on a white spinnerbait. We fished there for a few hours and had several peck at the spinnerbait, but not grab it. Water temps on Monday were 58 degrees and Saturday they were 56. Those two degrees and the added wind must have turned the fish off the spinnerbait bite. I slowed down throughing a swim bait, but couldn't get any takers. Greg thew a spinnerbait and a rat-l-trap, but no takers. About lunch time I decided that was enough of that and the wind was starting to get stronger, so ran down to the dam and picked up a fish nearly 14 inches long on a drop shot. Then I moved us out to a hump that was exposed to the wind to see if we could get a big post spawn fish, but nobody home or at least they didn't want to bite a spinnerbait or rat-l-trap anyway. I decided at that point it was time to slow down and drag a c-rig on points, first stop and I picked up a 15 inch bass right away on the same drop shot. We let the wind blow us across that point several times over the next hour and not a single bite. Decided to hit another spot and ran up the lake to the Dana Peak area where Greg was able to pick up his first keeper, 15 inches, dead sticking a spinnerbait while picking a back lash. At that point, we'd take luck over skill. :-) We fished the area for a few hours and again, no other takers. We moved up the lake to a few protected pockets to fish and nothing bit there, so with 30 minutes left we ran back down near the ramp and I picked up another 14 inch keeper dead sticking a brush hog the same Greg and caught his, so luck smiled on us twice in one day. Man it was tough fishing for a really nice day except for all that cold wind blowing.

Tournament in Review:

We caught 4 bass over the day. The fish were caught on luck. Greg and I caught our three largest going 4.82 lbs putting us in 6th place. Congrats to Mike Amescua & Don Steussy, who won with 13 lbs and big bass.


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