Monday, February 04, 2008

Williamson County Park 2-3-08

Just thought I'd post a little story about a warm Sunday afternoon fishing with the kids. Kelsea, Zachary and I walked down to the park with rods in hand for a few hours of fishing. We arrived to find that we were the only people fishing. I threw a weightless 6 inch worm redbug color. Kelsea threw a 1/8 oz strike king spinner bait and Zachary threw a white 1/8 oz Fox inline spinner. I caught two 10 inch bass on the worm and Zachary managed one 4 inch bass on the spinner between rock throws and stick fights with Kelsea. We had a great time before heading back to the house to watch the Super Bowl. The point of this post was to commerate Zachary's first bass catch that was completely unassisted. Unforatuately I didn't take a camera with us.


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